Main Objective

The goal of EFFiTiLL is to develop an integrated system to optimize the efficiency of soil tillage and reduce fuel consumption.

A mobile application will be developed that will act as a dashboard in the tractor cabin that provides the operator with real-time information.

Hardware will be developed to provide accurate information on tillage treatments.

EFFiTiLL will have a significant impact on reducing fuel consumption and CO 2 footprint.

Active involvement of the producers to ensure that the project meets their needs.

Software Development

Hardware Development

Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts

Active involvement of producers

Aerial shot of a farmer plowing stubble field

The Need

The rapid rise in fuel prices, as well as production costs, lead the producers to constantly look for ways to reduce costs.

Soil treatments have the highest fuel consumption of all the operations a crop requires, often exceeding 50% of total fuel consumption.

This, combined with the social need for environmentally friendly agriculture, makes producers look for ways to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In addition, high crop yields are related to the quality of soil treatment, which provides the environment for seed germination and root system development.

EFFiTiLL Software

EFFiTiLL will develop an innovative, integrated and market-ready system.

Specifically, EFFiTiLL will develop software to facilitate the control of operations, providing the tractor operator with real-time information in the event of inadequate tillage.

The aim is to prevent damage and improve the quality of the operation, while appropriate operating parameters to reduce fuel consumption will be proposed.

At the same time, soil data will be stored, to evaluate the quality of the treatment and calculate its cost.


Our Approach

The innovation of EFFiTiLL is the utilization of the GUTD (Gear-Up Throttle-Down) methodology, which combined with the analysis of all existing forces (traction, vertical, lateral) during the operation results in a fuel reduction of up to 50%.

As part of the project, we will develop hardware for measuring the forces as well as an application for smartphones available for Android and iOS, which will be used as an Operator Control Unit (OCU) and act as a dashboard in the operator’s tractor cabin.

This also makes it possible to use the system on older technologically tractors that do not have electronic equipment.


EFFiTiLL promises to meet the basic needs of producers such as:

  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Less CO2 emissions up to 30%
  • Higher yields, due to well-treated soil
  • Optimized irrigation, consuming less water
  • Less use of pesticides, providing additional income for the producers
  • Increasing competitiveness and allowing small producers access to smart farming solutions